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Zinc Prices

Movements in Zinc

Zinc Prices

Movements in Zinc
Zinc Purchase Price - AUD$5,868
As of November 2023
Over the years the global demand for zinc has outstripped supply by record high levels causing the price of zinc to go through the roof. For example, the price increased by a staggering 66.6% from AUD$2,486 per tonne (FIS) in January 2016 to AUD$4,142 per tonne (FIS) in September 2017, and it still remains around those record highs.


The fairest method of dealing with the variation of zinc prices is the introduction of a transparent surcharge linked directly to the price of zinc, which you are able to track at any time via our website or the official London Metal Exchange (LME) website


This surcharge became effective on 1st October 2017 and is displayed on your invoice as “Zinc Levy”.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss the structure of the Zinc Levy in any way please contact

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